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Administrative Staffing

Does your company need to have a highly trained virtual assistant, online business manager, customer services rep, executive assistant, or administrative assistant? Here, we help growing businesses find, pre-interview and assist with onboarding their ideal team members.


At CACooper Consultant & Co., LLC, we know that finding the perfect fit to fill a vacancy within your company can mean a world of difference. Take a moment to think about the costs involved with trying to find the experts you need for your business. You have to advertise the job, coordinate and carry out the interviews, and then you have to make your choice, go through the hiring and onboarding process, and integrate them into the business.


The first step in creating this fit is to collaborate with you to learn more about your business profile and the exact specifications of the position you are looking to fill. Contact us today at (843) 790-4716 to see how we can assist you or better yet, take a few minutes and fill out the form below.  

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